6 Ways to Make The Most of Your Backyard

The backyard of a home is filled with possibilities—it’s a space that can be turned into your own private oasis, used to entertain guests, and is a safe place to let your little ones explore nature. All Starlight Homes include a backyard because we understand what a large part they can play in our homeowners’ personal lives.

Figuring out how to best utilize the open space can be tricky, but here are a few ideas that could help:


Starting a flower or vegetable garden in your backyard is a tranquil way to spend your free time. A flower garden will help beautify your home while also helping the environment. A variety of flora adds lovely colors and textures to your outdoor space, and if you’re a fan of birds and butterflies, those come as a bonus.  A vegetable garden will help you and your family foster healthy habits as you prepare veggies and herbs grown only a few steps away, and you can pick them at prime ripeness since they’re conveniently located in your own backyard.


When the weather is nice, hosting a barbeque is always a great way to entertain in your backyard. There’s nothing quite like firing up the grill and inviting friends and family over to socialize and enjoy each other’s company.  Backyard barbeques bring the entertainment to you— you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to have a great time. Now that summer is upon us, what better way to welcome your loved ones into your new Starlight Home?

Fire Pits

Having a backyard means being able to enjoy beautiful nights. If you decide to build a fire pit in your backyard, then you and your loved ones will be able to stay warm while taking in the stars. There’s nothing like going outside, while still in the privacy of your own home, lighting a fire and staring into the beauty of the night sky.

Movies Under the Stars

Make the most of lovely nights and use your backyard as a private theater. If you have a projector, a flat surface, and a decent sound system, you can turn your backyard into your own personal movie screening. Grab some snacks and a blanket from inside the house and you’re all set for your at-home big screen experience.

Outside Dining

Set up a lovely dining area in your backyard and have an Alice in Wonderland-style outdoor tea party! Using your backyard as an outside dining area for yourself and your family is a great alternative for when you need a change of scenery during dinnertime. Taking in the fresh air and serenity gives you a refreshing ambiance that’s bound to make any meal more pleasant.

Safe Fun for Kids and Pets

If you have children or pets, a backyard means a safe space for them to play and explore. Parents and pet owners alike often worry about the dangers that could come with letting kids play alone outside, or letting pets out to do their business. Your backyard provides a place for them to play games, explore nature and let their imaginations run wild. A private backyard can mean peace of mind for you and fun-filled memories for your loved ones.

The backyard is an extension of your home with endless ways to use the space. We can’t wait to see how you transform the backyard of your Starlight Home.

May 01, 2017 | Main

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