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It's a common misconception that owning a home is out of reach. We're here to show you that it's possible. Get ready to invite friends and family over to your new home.

Homeownership Benefits

Homeownership is accessible and affordable. Here are some ways owning your home can go from a goal to reality.

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New Homes for Sale by Starlight Homes
Affordable Down Payment

Did you know that you may no longer need a large down payment to own a home? You may even be able to put zero-dollars down in some instances.*

You can stop renting sooner than you thought since you don't need to spend years saving up.

New Homes for Sale by Starlight Homes
Lower Maintenance

Don't worry about moving into a home with a broken A/C unit or a damaged roof. With Starlight Homes, your home is brand new and comes with a warranty. We have your back.

New Homes for Sale by Starlight Homes
Tax Breaks

Did you know that when you pay interest on mortgage payments, you may get a tax break? It's a nice perk that you may not know about. 

That means more money to buy the things you love or to save for a rainy day.

New Homes for Sale by Starlight Homes

When you purchase a home through the Starlight Advantage Program, we'll contribute a set amount of dollars to go towards your closing costs. More money in your pocket sounds nice, doesn't it?

See Starlight Sales Representative for more information.  See Starlight Advantage Program for terms, conditions, requirements, and exclusions.   

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Putting the sold sign in front of the home was our favorite part. We still can't believe it. It's a dream come true. Thank you, Starlight homes.

Elinette R. & Edmanuel R.

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