4 Life Changes That Could Influence Your Home-Buying Decision

The financial aspects of purchasing a home are undoubtedly imperative to consider, but the stage of life you’re in, and the major changes that are headed your way should also play an important role in choosing the ideal time to making the leap from renting to owning.

Keep reading to see why these life changes could mean it’s a good time for you to buy:

New Job

Congratulations! You’ve landed a new job with a salary that allows you to live a little. Once you’re settled in and have had the chance to get used to your new responsibilities, purchasing a new home could be a great next step to consider. A new secure job will provide you with the stability that owning a home requires and allow you to invest money into something that will benefit you for years to come.  


If you’re newly married or headed down that path with your significant other, it could be time to explore your homeownership options. With another income and set of opinions to consider, a new union could make the perfect time to buy a new home.


Having children is another major life change that signals a good time to buy. New additions to the family will inevitably mean needing more space, as well as having to consider things you may not have before, like school districts. Keeping things like location, distance from schools, and what the school district is like are a few of the factors that could influence your homebuying decision when you have kids.


Whether it’s you or your parents, retirement is another life change that oftentimes causes people to reflect on their living situations. If you’ve owned a two-story home, maybe you want a one-story; if you’ve owned a single-family home, maybe you prefer a townhome now; if your parents are moving in, maybe you need to upgrade the number of rooms overall.  Retirement is a new stage of life that requires adjustment, including making adjustments to your living space.   

They can be easy to forget, but current or soon-to-come life changes are important to weigh out when deciding the best time to purchase a home. Where you are in your personal life can play a significant role in determining the kind of home you’ll be comfortable in for years to come. Our New Home Sales Consultants take these influences, among others, into consideration while helping to guide you home.

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