Celebrating Summer in Your Home

Summertime is in full swing! While many are on vacation, there's nowhere you would rather be than in your Starlight home. When you live in a Starlight community, there are so many things you can do to make the most of your summer - right outside (or in!) your home!

Grilling Out in the Backyard

Nothing says summertime quite like a barbeque. Enjoy your new backyard all summer long by grilling out with friends and family because, let's face it, food brings people together. So, while the kids play in the grass, catch fireflies, or play fetch with the dog, the adults can socialize around the grill - and now that you have the space, it's time to entertain!

Evening Walks Through the Community

When you purchase from Starlight, you're not just buying a home - you're joining a community. Once the sun begins to go down after a long, hot day, get your family together for an evening bike ride or stroll. Many of our communities are not only lined with sidewalks and street lamps but also include walking trails and parks to explore, so make the most of your neighborhood!

Staying Cool Indoors

School is out for the summer, but you can only fill so many hours outdoors before the heat gets to you. However, with the added square footage and energy-efficient design of your Starlight home, everyone can spend time in the AC without stepping on too many toes and driving up the power bill.


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