4 Reasons Buying A Home Is The Best Choice for a Pet Parent

Pets are family, so wanting them to live as comfortable as your human family is only natural. While you can sometimes have a pet while renting, owning your home provides more freedom for opportunities to create memories with your furry friend.

Keep reading to find out why homeownership is the best option for all members of your family:

More Space

Both you and your pet will enjoy the extra space that comes with owning a home. They'll be able to enjoy a sense of freedom that apartment-living can't provide. Imagine being able to simply let your pet out into your yard from time to time, instead of having to get up, get dressed, and take them out each time they want to go.  If you have a pet that won’t benefit from being outdoors, more room to move around inside is still a huge plus for them.

Save More Money

From food to grooming and vet visits, caring for a pet can get expensive. As a renter, having a pet can become costlier thanks to pet deposits and, in some cases, pet rent. These additional out of pocket fees for having your pet is not a concern when you own your home.

Expand Your Options

Renting limits your options from the beginning thanks pet breed and weight restrictions. If you’re interested in a pet or breed that doesn’t fall within those deemed acceptable in your lease, unfortunately your only option is to wait on your dream pet until circumstances are different.

Explore & Exercise

Your dog will love that you are able to take a stroll on the neighborhood sidewalks in your new community to help burn some of their energy.  What a wonderful way to spend time exploring, meeting new neighbors, and even getting in a little exercise.

Pets love us unconditionally. There’s no way to truly repay them for their devotion and loyalty but providing them with the space and environment where they can flourish and be happy is a special way to show you care. Reach out to one of our New Home Sales Consultants today—we’d love to help guide you and your pet home.

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