4 Spring Landscaping Tips to Help Your Backyard Bloom

The sun is shining, the days are getting longer and there’s a cool breeze blowing through the trees. Yep, spring’s finally here, and April showers bring much more than flowers — they also bring endless opportunities to spruce up your garden and prepare it for the summer ahead. Ready to pick up your shovel, but don’t know where to begin? Grab your gardening gloves and dig into these four seasonal landscaping tips.

1. Get Wiser About Water

Save money, time, and the environment with water-wise gardening. This sustainable gardening method helps you get the most out of your greenspace with the least sprinkler time. In fact, it’s best to ditch the sprinklers altogether, since they only deliver water to about 40% of your plants. Swap sprinklers for soaker hoses, use mulch to reduce evaporation and plant native, drought-tolerant plants that rely on rainfall rather than your water bill.

2. Create a Butterfly Garden 

Your plants are more than just eye candy — they also can help support the new creatures and critters of the season. Invite some fluttering friends into your yard by planting a butterfly garden filled with nectar-rich flowers and host plants. Choose a sunny spot in your yard and fill it with flowers like zinnias, marigolds and the appropriately named orange butterfly milkweed. With a little planning and care, you can create a beautiful habitat that both you and your winged visitors will enjoy. 

3. Paint with Nature’s Palette

Find easy-breezy ways to add pops of color with low-maintenance flowering plants. But which colors should you choose? Try designing for the exterior of your home just like you would the interior by experimenting with mood boards, color combos and a variety of textures. To make sure your colors blossom all season long, choose a mix of early, middle and late-blooming flowers.

4. Use Plants That Look Good Enough to Eat

Who says flowers are the only way to bring some color to your garden? Decorative vegetables are as nice to look at as they are to eat. Add a bright red note with Swiss chard or a pop of purple with some kohlrabi. Peppers, tomatoes and cabbage also come in a variety of hues. Not only do vegetables make for edible decor, they’ll also help you save on groceries. You can’t grow money on trees, but you can get pretty close.

Ready to Grow a Garden of Your Own? 

One of the best parts of being a homeowner is having your own greenspace that you can use to bring your yard to life. If you’re interested in living in a Starlight neighborhood, take the first step and contact one of our Home Guides today.

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