4 Tips from Our Team on How To Choose a Home

You’ve made your list of needs and wants, applied for a loan and scoped out potential neighborhoods. Now you’re ready to take the leap and make it official. But how do you decide which home is best for you?

Our team of Home Guides has helped thousands of families find a house they love. Here are their tips for narrowing down your options and choosing the right home and builder.

1. Don’t Look for the Perfect House

Anyone who’s bought a home will tell you that the perfect house doesn’t exist. Set realistic expectations. Look for something you love, but don’t miss out on a great home just because it doesn’t check every single box.

“The important aspect of the homeownership journey is to see for yourself if it works for you! To decide on a home, ask yourself three questions: 1. Is this a home I will gladly call mine? 2. Does the home’s location, aesthetic and space work for me? 3. Am I comfortable with the monthly mortgage payment?”
- David

2. Watch for Green Flags

Every buyer’s needs and wants are different, but here are a few qualities to look for right off the bat.

“Look at the small details and finishes of a home. If it’s a new build, be sure to look at the actual home you’ll be living in. What’s most important is making sure that you like not only the home, but are also comfortable with the company building your home, and you are comfortable with the monthly payment.”
- Valerie

3. Make Sure You Have a Quality Home Warranty

One huge plus when it comes to buying new construction instead of a lived-in home is that new builds usually come with warranties. A quality home warranty can save you money and hassle as a new homeowner.

“Homeowners love the home warranty they receive when working with a new home builder like Starlight Homes. Plus, they get a one-on-one experience with us as we walk them through the home buying process from start to finish”
- Valerie

4. Go With Your Gut

There are so many factors to consider when deciding which home is right for you — and sometimes, it’s as simple as following your intuition. As they say, when you know, you know.

“I’m a huge believer in going with your gut feeling! Buying a home is an emotional purchase. Most of the time, your first impression and the initial wave of emotion when touring a home is that ‘right’ feeling! Anxiety, doubt and second-guessing always come after any big decision, but if you find a home that works for you, and it felt ‘right’ when you first walked in, don’t be afraid of deciding on it! At Starlight Homes, we do a phenomenal job of walking you through all those mixed bags of emotions to help you accomplish your dream of homeownership!
- David

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