5 Beginner Landscaping Ideas That Don't Involve Gnomes

Your backyard should feel like a natural extension of your home – a cozy place to get away, kick back and unwind. But if you’re a new homeowner, sprucing up your outdoor space can seem daunting. Don’t sweat it. Here are 5 DIY landscape ideas that’ll make you want to roll up your sleeves, no matter how big your yard is – or your budget.

1. Create a Local Hotspot

There’s a reason humans have been gathering around fires since the age of dinosaurs – mostly s’mores. But the company’s not bad either. Build a gathering space in your yard with a DIY fire pit that’s as simple or complex as you choose. You can dig an in-ground pit, make a simple ring of rocks, or set up chairs around a store-bought stove. Just remember — safety above all else. And whether your style is rustic stone or sleek steel, one thing’s for sure: your yard will be the hottest new hangout.

2. Put Down Some Roots

Say goodbye to windowsill gardens. You’re a homeowner now, with plenty of room for a vibrant green space that welcomes all sorts of guests – hummingbirds, butterflies and bumblebees included. Attract pollinators to your garden with flowers like milkweed, zinnia, columbine and sage. And the bonus: pollinator gardens aren’t just pleasing to the eye, they also help local wildlife thrive.

3. Rock On

You might feel like the grass is always greener in somebody else’s yard, especially if you have stubborn spots where grass won’t grow or live in a desert climate. But there’s no reason to have lawn envy. Make the most of dry, sun-drenched spots by building a rock garden, complete with low-maintenance, drought-friendly plants like cacti, lavender, black-eyed susans or railroad vine.

4. Pave Your Way to Paradise

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple pathway. They guide the eye across large lawns and make smaller ones feel less cramped and more like a secret garden. Skip the complicated patterns and expensive pavers – consider creating an easy, winding walkway with natural materials like stone, gravel or wood to add texture and warmth.

5. Let There Be Light

Outdoor bulbs aren’t just for the holidays. From pathway lamps to string lights and whimsical garden globes, the ways to brighten your yard are endless — and inexpensive. Mix a variety of lights outside your home, using cool-toned bulbs to make your lawn feel larger and warm tones to add a cozy touch. Pro tip: solar-powered lights can help keep your power bill low.

Is having your own yard still just a daydream? Don’t count yourself out. Get in touch with us and we’ll guide you through the next steps.

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