5 Haunted House Movies With Homebuying Lessons

Creaky attics, flickering lights and hidden creatures don’t just exist in haunted houses — they can be the reality of renting or living in a pre-owned home. Thankfully, when you buy new construction, you don’t have to worry about being haunted by the previous tenants. 

If you want a Halloween scare without the risk of living on ancient burial grounds, we've got you covered with these haunted house movies — including one of our very own. 

The Amityville Horror

When you move into a new home, you usually have to place a few calls to set up utilities like electricity and water. In The Amityville Horror, the Lutz family also has to add a priest to that list. 

After settling into a house with a seriously haunted past, no amount of blessings can stop evil spirits from tormenting the Lutzes. Whether it’s a swarm of flies or blood oozing from the walls, this frightening flick shows what a real nightmare it can be when you buy a home with a bad history. 

The Haunted Mansion

Touring different houses is half the fun of the homebuying journey, unless you find yourself trapped in a haunted mansion. That’s exactly what happens when the Evers’ family vacation to Gracey Manor turns into a ghostly murder mystery. While there are plenty of funny moments as the Evers talk to crystal balls and work their way through a creepy crypt, we wouldn’t blame you if you’d rather tour a home with no cobwebs. 

Monster House

After living in your home for a few years, it can really start to take on a life of its own. Unfortunately for the characters in Monster House, this means your home might start eating people. 

When Horace buries his wife, Constance, in their basement, the entire house is possessed by her angry ghost. Unlike Constance the house, new construction homes have plenty of personality without windows for eyes and jagged boards for a mouth. 

The Shining 

The eerie atmosphere of the remote Overlook Hotel rivals that of any haunted house. In The Shining, Jack Torrance accepts a winter caretaker job, expecting solitude. Little does he know there will be plenty of ghostly guests. As you watch Jack and his family encounter evil apparitions such as the infamous ghost twins, with no one to turn to for help, you'll be left with a chilling reminder to choose a home in a community close to good neighbors.  


A haunted house story in reverse, Beetlejuice features a ghostly couple trying to scare away the new family that moves into their home. Things get spooky and a little silly when the couple teams up with an unconventional ghoul to get the job done.

Looking for a home to make your own? There’s no need to resort to shrunken heads and giant worms — there’s a Starlight home out there for everyone.

Want more scares this Halloween? Watch our video about the horrors of renting —  if you dare.


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