5 Redecorating Ideas for Spring

You’re thinking about redecorating for the spring but aren’t ready to paint (or repaint) the walls and spend your savings on new furniture? We hear you, loud and clear.

Luckily, there are small updates you can make around your house that can make a big difference. Get your Pinterest boards ready with these easy, quick and low-cost ideas to give your decor an update as spring blossoms.

  1. Indoor Accent Pillows

    Who doesn’t get sucked into the pillow section at Homegoods or TJ Maxx? Next time you feel a gravitational pull to the colorful fluffy aisle, permit yourself to play around. Accent pillows can be an affordable and creative way to change your style.

    When the season, trends or your moods change, you can buy pillow covers at a fraction of the price to keep your decor fresh and budget under control.

  2. Fresh Flowers

    It doesn’t take much to brighten your home for the springtime. Fresh flowers can add instant color and vibrancy to any room. Plus, you can pick them up at your local grocery store while doing your weekly shopping. Easy, breezy.

    The most affordable warm weather blooms tend to be sunflowers and marigolds. Hydrangeas are also affordable but do better in cooler climates during the hotter months.

    If you have a green thumb, you might want to plant some flowers in your yard and make your bouquets fresh from your garden. Visit your local nursery to see which flowers are the best for your area. The sales associate might ask you about how much sunlight or shade you get throughout the day to help you make the best choice.
  3. Seasonal Magazines and Books

    Books and magazines all make beautiful, affordable centerpieces or accents on coffee tables, nightstands and kitchen countertops. Look around your home and see which books and magazines match the season, and display them in stacks or as a base to add some internet to a candle or vase.

    While you might stack red books or magazines around the winter holidays or 4th of July, pastels and neutrals can freshen up your decor in the spring. You can save them over the years and swap them out as the seasons change.
  4. Glow Up

    Transform your backyard into a magical oasis with outdoor string lights. You can buy them online or at your local catch-all store, like Targét. A few strands can create a dreamy, romantic mood all summer long. You can hang them on your patio umbrella, or use poles to drape them across your yard. Some sets even come with poles included for convenience.

    Sip tea or cocktails while you take in the refreshing evenings or host a dinner with family, friends and neighbors. Make it a potluck for an even more affordable evening under the stars and your glowy lights.
  5. Wall Art

    Tap into your inner Van Gogh this spring by making art at home. This can be a fun, affordable way to redecorate and express your style. Plus, it can be a great activity to keep your kids entertained on a rainy weekend.

    Not trusting your kids’ paintbrush skills just yet? You can tackle the more heavily trafficked rooms, like the living room and kitchen, while your little ones make masterpieces to hang on their bedroom walls.

    Think about supplies like canvases, paints, watercolors, colored pencils, stickers, glitter, and gold leaf foil.

    If you’re not feeling artistic, you can use peel and stick wallpaper to create a fun accent wall. Most peel and stick wallpapers come off easily, so you can play around without damaging your home.

    Once you’ve given your home the magic touch, sit back and soak up everything the changing season offers. It won’t be long before we’re crawling back into our winter caves, so enjoy it to its fullest while it lasts.
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