5 Tips From Our Team for Making a Family-Friendly Home

Moving into a new home is an exciting step for any family — and finding one that makes life enjoyable for each member makes every day in your home that much better. 

Our Starlight Home Guides have helped countless families find homes, and now they’re sharing their top pieces of advice for finding and setting up a home that your family will love for years to come.

1. Choose a Home That Will Grow With You

The family you are today is just as important as the family you’ll be in a few years. Take the time to identify the features you’ll love in your home right away and all the different ways you’ll love them down the road.

“It's super important to consider future needs when buying a home, like extra bedrooms or bathrooms. You want a space that can grow with your family or accommodate guests. At Starlight Homes, we offer a variety of floorplans to fit your needs, so you can find a home that works now and in the future.” - Wade

2. Get Outside

A good yard goes a long way. Creating versatile outdoor areas will give your family more space to play, relax and enjoy time with one another. 

“The outdoor space in a backyard can be a great place for the family to bond and create lasting memories. I always recommend creating multi-functional spaces. For example, a patio area can be used for outdoor dining, but also as a space for children to play with chalk or ride bikes. I also recommend investing in quality seating areas where the family can relax, read or enjoy some s’mores around a fire. One last thing — don’t forget to add some shade for the long summer days!” -Lauren

3. Make the Most Out of Your Space

A new home is a blank canvas. Utilize every inch wisely to create a comfortable and organized home.

“For open-concept living, use rugs and furniture to define different zones. Go for multi-functional pieces like storage ottomans and foldable tables to keep things tidy. Blend adult and kid-friendly elements, like a stylish coffee table that stores toys or a reading nook with kids' books. This way, everyone has a spot to enjoy!” - Wade

4. Make Room for the Kids

Life can get messy, but your home doesn’t have to. Making a space for your kids to be kids will ensure they’re having fun at home while keeping the rest of the house running smoothly.

“A top feature to look for when choosing a new home is a designated play area for kids. That could be a bedroom, a loft or even a living space outside of your everyday living areas. I have found that these designated spaces make your home more efficient and organized, and they teach your kid where and where not to play, leave toys or study. It gives kids the freedom to do what they want in that area without making the rest of the house look like a classroom or playground.” -Hakeem

5. Find a Great Neighborhood

You’re not just buying a home — you’re buying into the neighborhood. Choosing a location where your family can live life outside of your home’s walls will enhance your quality of life.

“You’ll always want to consider the proximity and safety of parks and community amenities when choosing a neighborhood. Look for parks with playgrounds, sports fields and walking trails, as well as community centers that offer programs for all ages. Safety, maintenance and the availability of family-friendly activities are key factors to ensure a happy and active lifestyle in the neighborhood.” -Lauren

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