6 Budget-Friendly Home Office Ideas

Working from home is easier when you have your own dedicated space. While we might love being able to seize the day from our beds or couches, these places are rarely distraction free (and we’ve all fallen victim to an accidental siesta once or twice).

To increase your work performance, try transforming an unused bedroom into an office space that will inspire productivity — without hurting your bank account. We’ve compiled several budget-friendly ideas on how to transform your space into a home office that will make you want to actually finish your to-do list.

1. Pick a Room Color

Painting is a wallet-friendly way to transform a space — and choosing a color for your office is more important than you might think. The color you pick sets the tone for a workspace where you will likely spend a lot of time (up to 40 hours or more!).

The biggest deciding factor when you’re color shopping should be your own preferences, not the latest color trends. Since popular colors come and go, you might spend more time and money repainting and changing accent pieces to match. Instead, focus on choosing a shade you love.

Tip: To save even more cash, forgo painting the whole room and opt for a colorful accent wall. As long as the color differs from the rest of your home, it will help you separate your work life from your home life.

2. Thrift a Desk

Instead of buying brand new, search your local thrift stores, discount furniture stores, estate sales or Facebook marketplace for a desk that will fit your needs. Oftentimes you can find a perfectly reliable desk at a much lower cost by purchasing it from a secondhand source or buying a piece that is from a previous season. You can even give it a coat of paint or stain to make it shine like new.

3. Optimize Your Chair

Most top of the line ergonomic chairs cost a pretty penny. However, making sure you’re sitting properly can save you money trying to fix the effects of poor posture down the road. If you don’t have the budget to splurge on a new chair, one budget-friendly solution is adding ergonomic accessories, such as lumbar support cushions, to your current chair for more support.

4. Use Repurposed Storage

You don’t need anything fancy to keep your office organized. Repurpose plastic bins that you might have used for moving and keep them out of sight in the closet. Thrifted shelves from online garage sale groups is another cost-saving way to find more storage.

However you choose to organize your items, the only thing that matters is that you can find what you need, when you need it.

5. Budget-Friendly Zoom Lighting

If your office is in a space that doesn’t have a ton of natural lighting, try using an affordable ring light to brighten up your space during online meetings. You’ll get an instant glow-up without having to spend money on a new overhead lighting set up.

6. Get Wellness Accessories

Adding affordable accessories that support your physical and mental health can help you stay productive, without sacrificing your wellbeing.

Whether it’s a small air purifier that filters out dust and pollen, a yoga mat that can be stored under your desk for stretching between tasks or a compact treadmill for walking at your desk, make sure to add an element of wellbeing to your office. While this may not save you money right away, health is wealth and it may help you avoid having to pay bills in the future from a sedentary lifestyle.

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