6 Tips to Help Prepare Your Home for Back to School

Summer is fun, but back to school also has its perks (cough: a little break from the kiddos). As you head into the new school year, it might be a good time to do a few updates around your home to get it ready for homework and projects.

All Starlight homes come with plenty of space so there are many different ways to turn rooms and cozy nooks into study spaces for your little ones — or yourself if you’re continuing your education. These tips and idea starters will help you get on your way to A+ improvements.

1. Wall-Mounted Desks

A regular desk might be an obvious choice, but other options exist. You can consider hanging a wall-mounted desk if a standard desk takes up too much space. Some wall-mounted desks can be closed to give you and your kids even more space.

2. Shelves

Taking advantage of vertical space can give you extra storage for the school year. Books and containers with school supplies can sit comfortably off the ground to free up valuable surface and drawer space for clothes and toys.

3. Bookcases

If you don’t want to hang shelves, there’s another way to bring in the same type of storage. Bookcases can take up a little more room than shelves, but they can provide the same benefits — extra storage space for everything your kids need to do their homework and projects.

For a visually appealing look you can buy affordable matching bins to organize your bookcase. They sit on top of shelves and can range from neutral to colorful, depending on your style. From the outside, nobody will be able to see the books, papers and supplies hidden away.

You can even use a bookcase as a headboard (or buy a headboard bookcase) to maximize bedroom space and efficiency.

4. Hidden Storage

Keep a clean, organized workspace for the kids to concentrate on their projects, even if it’s just a small corner of their bedroom. You can buy storage bins that slide under the bed or in the closet to help keep toys and games out of sight during homework time.

5. Distraction-Free Zones

Consider keeping TVs out of the bedrooms to reduce distractions. All Starlight homes come with big living rooms and plenty of bedrooms so that everyone can watch TV in the main common area. Giving your kids a quiet, TV-free space can help them focus on learning instead of watching their favorite shows.

You could also use an extra bedroom as a distraction-free zone, where each child has a desk and homework station.

6. Art Inspiration

Learning new subjects and skills can be a frustrating experience sometimes. Encourage your kids and show off your personal taste with inspirational wall art that motivates them to keep going, even when their algebra homework is tough. You can even turn this into an activity for the kids to create their own art on a rainy day.

Your kids’ education is a foundation for future jobs, college admissions and careers. With a Starlight home, you have plenty of space to help them learn and grow.

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