6 Ways to Declutter Your Home in the New Year

New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be about diets and exercise. How about organizing your home in 2022? Sometimes just decluttering your space can be all you need for a fresh start to the year ahead (and you don’t have to cut out chocolate). Plus, storage solutions can often be expensive, so no bank accounts will be harmed in the process. Leave 2021 — and your clutter — in the past with a few helpful ways to find more storage space.


  1. Furniture 

    When you’re selecting furniture for your home, consider how it’ll function. Coffee tables, benches, end tables and nightstands are all examples of furniture that can double as storage. Hide small toys and blankets in a coffee table, extra candles and coasters in end tables and knick knacks in your nightstand. You can also keep shoes tidy and concealed in hallway benches. 
  2. Vertical storage

    Stop tripping over legos while you’re taking walks between your couch and refrigerator. 

    Almost any open wall is an opportunity to add vertical storage. Magnet strips, shelves and cabinets are all examples of storage solutions that go up instead of out into your space. 

    Hang a magnet strip above your kitchen counter to store knives, install shelving inside closets (or anywhere in your home or garage) to maximize your storage space. You can also add a cabinet above your toilet to make more room for your essentials.
  3. Under Beds

    Every bed in your house is unused storage space. Use small plastic containers or fabric storage bins to pack up stuff that you don’t want to throw away. Sentimental items like kids’ art projects, trophies and keepsakes that you can’t part with just yet can be tucked away safely under the bed.
  4. Vacuumed Sealed Bags 

    Is your tacky holiday sweater collection taking up too much space in your closet? Those Halloween costumes bulky but worth holding onto? Vacuum seal bags are great for items that you only use seasonally or infrequently, like clothing and spare bedding and linens. Most of these bags are inexpensive and can work with your vacuum if it has a hose.
  5. She Sheds

    Or he sheds. No matter which pronoun you use, adding a shed to your backyard can help you store tools, seasonal decor, outdoor toys and whatever else you might want to keep out of sight. All Starlight homes feature backyards that are just waiting to meet the best shed for your needs.
  6. Use Your Garage 

    Every Starlight home comes with an attached garage, which gives you more storage than the standard apartment or condo right away.

    Most of the storage tips can apply to your garage — add shelves or stack simple storage bins for vertical storage. Keep vacuumed sealed bags tucked away in some inexpensive airtight containers. Store your holiday decor without taking up valuable closet space.

    If you’re currently living in an apartment or a home without much storage, it might be time for an upgrade. Look into a Starlight Homes neighborhood near you, featuring quality, new construction homes that all come with big backyards, attached garages and plenty of indoor storage space. Add in our storage tips, and you’ll be living clutter-free by the end of 2022.
    Ready to declutter your home? You can take a tour of a home that fits in your budget and talk to our team of experts about any questions you may have. To set up an appointment, contact us today.
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