7 Things Every Homework Station Needs

A new school year coming up means the kids will be out of the house again, but will bring one thing back with them — homework. Setting up a dedicated space in your house could go a long way in making those nightly school sessions as stress-free as possible for you and your students. From furniture to supplies to decor, here’s everything you need to make your own homework station this year.

1. Desk

Traditional desks can take up a lot of room. To save space without compromising functionality, try installing a floating wall desk with built-in storage for school supplies. You can even find ones that fold up when not in use. Keep your kitchen table clutter-free this school year by giving your kids their own unique spot to do homework.

2. Adjustable Chairs

As your kids grow in their education, they’re also going to grow a few inches. Adjustable chairs will help keep them comfortable at every grade level. And the best part? You won’t need to run out to buy a new chair when that unexpected growth spurt hits.

3. Rolling Cart

Sometimes, kids just don’t want to sit still. A rolling cart is a fun alternative to a desk. It can be loaded with all the homework essentials your kids need, and they can take the cart with them wherever they decide to work. Need to keep an eye on them to make sure they’re productive? Just roll the cart to whichever room you’re in.

4. Calendar

Hanging a calendar on the wall will help keep you and your little students on the same page. It’s a good place to write down the assignments they have so you know what they’re working on and they know when it’s due. You can even get one with their favorite characters or interests to personalize the space a bit more.

5. Supplies

While your homework station won’t be a perfect replica of a school environment, there are a few supplies you can stock your kids with that will go a long way. Regular pencils for the day-to-day tasks and colored pencils for the fun assignments are a must. Since homework is keeping their minds sharp, make sure you also have a way to keep your kids’ pencils sharp.

Erasers, glue sticks, a ruler and safety scissors will round out the essentials. A ream of loose-leaf paper will serve as good scrap paper or a backup in case any notebooks are accidentally left behind at school.

6. Mason Jars

All those supplies have to go somewhere. Mason jars are a versatile, inexpensive way to hold pencils and other essentials. Want to get your kids excited about their new space? Have an arts-and-crafts session where they can decorate and personalize the jars with ribbons and stickers.

7. Letter Board

A letter board is a simple decoration with endless possibilities. Your kids can customize the space by spelling out messages or silly phrases. You can also leave them words of encouragement or even a funny joke. Letter boards often have neutral tones, so they won’t be too bright or distracting while your kids work.

A home that can support your kids’ education is important. To take the first step in your homebuying journey, get in touch to schedule an appointment with one of our Home Guides.

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