Creating a Home Gym is Easier Than You Think

Imagine waking up, rolling out of bed and heading straight to a gym where all the machines are empty, clean and just for you. It may sound like a fantasy, but it could be your reality when you create your very own home gym. And building one is easier than you think.

Just like your house, a home gym is an investment in your future. You’ll get more “me-time” without commuting, trying to find a parking spot and waiting for a treadmill to open up. Plus, you’ll save money on gym memberships and have fewer excuses not to work out.

Choosing a Space for Your Home Gym

One of the greatest things about getting a Starlight Home is having so much space, you don’t know what to do with it. But this can also make it hard to decide where to put a home gym. There are several places you can put your home gym, and every room has its pros and cons. We’ll walk you through a few options, so you can choose how to use your space best.

When you think “gym,” you might think of fluorescent lights or warehouse vibes. But putting your home gym in a backyard or patio can be a breath of fresh air. Depending on where you live, you might have to move equipment indoors when it’s wet outside, to avoid rust or other damage from the elements. You’ll also need to be open to a flexible workout routine, planned around the weather. But the payoff: you can enjoy our workout in a bright, open space with nature’s own fan to cool you down.

Every Starlight home comes pre-built with a spacious garage, with enough room for your future home gym and more. The garage is large enough to house even the biggest gym rat’s equipment, and concrete floors are sturdy enough to handle heavy weights. However, the temperature in a garage can be difficult to control, and you might need to sacrifice a parking space for your squat rack.

Spare Room
Have a space in your home that you don’t know what to do with? Before it becomes an extra storage closet filled with clutter, put it to good use with your own gym. A spare room may not be as big as a garage or basement, and you’ll need to protect the flooring with mats or rugs. But a room in your home will be much easier to decorate and feel cozier inside, with all the AC or heat you need to work out comfortably year-round.

Purchasing Home Gym Equipment

Gone are the days of waiting for that one guy to stop texting on the row machine so you can actually work out. With a home gym, the equipment is all yours—but which workout machines should you buy? That all depends on how you like to work out.

You may want to recreate your gym membership at home, starting with a set of barbells, a bench, and a treadmill or cycling machine. Or maybe you’d rather create a soothing yoga studio, complete with a mounted TV, mats, minimalist decor and lots of natural light.

The best part about building your own home gym is that you can spend as much or as little as you want. You could buy the latest high tech fitness machine, hit Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for a deal on lightly used equipment, or buy nothing at all and create a nook where you can do bodyweight HIIT routines.

Build Your Home Gym from the Ground Up

If you’re dreaming of a home gym, but don’t have enough space, it might be time for an upgrade. With a newly built home from Starlight, you could choose a floor plan with space for your home gym already built in.

Just contact us to get a tour of a Starlight neighborhood near you. You might be surprised how affordable it is to own a house with a garage, as many rooms as you want and all the square footage you need for your own home gym.

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