Creating Memories In Your New Home

One of the best benefits of owning your own Starlight Home is that as soon as you move in, you can start creating memories with your family that you’ll all be able to look back fondly on in the future. Renting makes becoming attached to your home a little more difficult, but when you own, there’s time, space, and opportunity to create moments that will stay with you and your family for life.

Creating memories in your new home comes in many different forms. Below are a few ideas to help you get started:

Create A Height Chart

We’ve all watched scenes in movies where parents keep track of how much their children have grown through the years by making marks on a door frame. It’s a sweet, sentimental way to capture moments in time and have something to look back on fondly throughout the years. Take a page out of Hollywood’s book and use this as a way to make memories in your new home. Choose a special spot, decide how often you want to take measurements, and make this movie moment a reality for your family.

Play More Games

Family game nights are a great way to create memorable moments and become more fun when you have your own space. With a front yard, backyard, and indoors to choose from, your game playing options, and memory making opportunities, grow!

Show Your True Colors

When renting, you may want to personalize your home in some ways that your apartment doesn’t allow, like painting. When you previously may have faced restrictions on colors that can be used to decorate your home, or having to re-paint before you move out, you can now express yourself freely. You and your family can put your personal marks in your home, from hanging art and photos to having as much, or as little, color on the walls as you like. Your home should be a reflection of you!

Enjoy Bigger Celebrations

Parties can expand now that you have more room. Gatherings that may have been restricted to a few select people, can now include more loved ones that space may not have previously permitted. Create memories by throwing unforgettable get-togethers in the comfort of your own home, without the fear of disturbing neighbors or running low on space. From Super Bowl parties to birthday parties and every celebration you can think of in-between, you now have the space to entertain family and friends  

There are an endless number of ways to create new memories in your new home. Every moment shared together serves as an opportunity to capture the fond feelings that come with owning your own space, where you can make the rules, instead of having to play by those that come with renting. Make the leap from renting to owning today, and let Starlight be your guide.

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