Decorating on a Dime with Facebook Marketplace

One of the most fun parts about being a homeowner is deciding how to decorate your living space. While possibilities are limitless, your bank account usually isn’t.

When it comes to saving money on furniture and decor, there’s no better option than Facebook Marketplace. The virtual garage sale can be accessed at your fingertips, making it easier than ever to shop for deals and find steals. Here’s everything you need to know about using Facebook Marketplace to up your second-hand style game.

Getting Started

There’s no need to follow the arrows on cardboard signs to find these deals. Just go to Facebook on your phone or computer and press the icon that looks like a storefront with an awning. You’ll instantly be met with countless pictures of items for sale in your area.

It can be overwhelming to look at, especially if you’re shopping for a couch and you see used cars, clothes, and kitchen appliances. But fear not — there are ways to narrow your search to find the items you’re looking for.

Search Terms

The easiest way to do this? Use the search bar at the top of the page to type in what you’re looking for. If that’s a couch, just search for it, and you’ll find all the couches in your area that people are selling. If you’re looking for a specific type of couch, like a black leather recliner, you can type that in to narrow your search even more.

Keep in mind that users just like you named the items they’re selling, so using a few different search terms can generate different results. That black leather recliner of your dreams may just be listed as "recliner."


Most items for sale on Facebook Marketplace are used, but their conditions can vary greatly. If you only want items that are gently used, you can select the “like new” and “good” filters while leaving “fair” out of your search. You can also use the condition filter to search only new items that people are selling. You never know when you’ll find a deal on furniture in perfect condition!


When it comes to location, you want to set a radius that’s large enough to generate lots of results, but small enough that you can conveniently drive to pick the item up. It would be heartbreaking to find the perfect vase for your kitchen table, only to realize it’s 50 miles away. At the same time, it could take a while to find the ideal vase using only a one-mile radius.

Want to shop for deals without ever leaving the comfort of your Starlight home? Some sellers will offer shipping, usually for an additional fee. That way you can find bargains far away from your backyard.

Starting the Conversation

You’ve searched around and found a few items you like. Now it’s time to message the sellers. Facebook Marketplace has a pre-written message you can send that simply asks, “Is this still available?” While that’s a fine way to start the conversation, you can personalize the message a bit more. Try including a price offer or suggest a time and place for the two of you to meet to complete the purchase. The seller most likely wants to get the item off their hands quickly, so communicating efficiently will make them more likely to sell to you if they’re entertaining multiple offers.


While Facebook Marketplace is a great way to buy and sell items, the final sale is done outside the platform. Make sure you ask the seller how they would like to be paid so you can have cash or an app like Venmo ready. This will help speed the process along so when you pick the item up you can easily get it out of their home and into yours.

Just like anything on the internet these days, make sure to watch out for scammers. Don’t send the seller any money before you see the item in person to ensure it’s real.

Play the Long Game

It’s important to remember that while there are amazing items on Facebook Marketplace, it isn’t Amazon. These items are one-of-a-kind, so it may take a little patience to find the perfect decor you’re looking for. So browse often, and when you do find something you fall in love with, message the seller right away to get in on the deal before it’s gone.

Go Explore

Got the hang of it? Then get to searching! It’s thrilling to transform your home at just a fraction of the price, and the hunt is half the fun. If you need to make room for your new belongings, try using Facebook Marketplace as a seller. Take a few pictures, write a good description and pass on your furniture and decor to the next online thrifter.

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