Easy DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas

Imagine this: You have a bright, new, spacious kitchen. It’s more than enough room for everything you need. But it doesn’t take long for even the largest spaces to suddenly feel overridden with stuff, especially when your collection of cookware, dishes, tools, food and more keeps growing.

These easy, fast and affordable tips will help you make your kitchen feel even more spacious and organized so that you can continue to love every nook of your home through the years.

Mount your paper towel holder

Give yourself more counter space by hanging your paper towel roll under the cabinets or on the wall. You can find them for as low as $9.99 on Amazon. It’s a simple hack that can make a big difference.

Organize your lids

Is there anything more frustrating than trying to store all those lids for your pots and pans? Use command hooks to give them their own, custom spot on the back of your cabinet (placing one command hook on each side of the lid to create a pocket). No more fumbling around when it’s time to tidy up. Just slip them into place and revel in how neat and organized your kitchen feels.

Go to the walls

Hooks, linear bars and racks mounted on the walls can give you extra storage space. Hang pots and pans, dish towels and utensils to free up more drawer and cabinet space for those items that you’d prefer to tuck away.

Style fun areas

Instead of storing coffee, coffee makers, drinks, shakers and other daily items, blend them into your home decor. A simple wall shelf can become a coffee bar with all the coffee beans, syrups, sugars and flavors, plus your grinder and coffee maker. You can do the same thing with a bar cart for alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) drinks and accessories.

Get “lazy”

Organize your cabinets with lazy Susans, which are turntable shelves that make things like spices and oils easier to find and store. You’ll no longer have to dig into the back of your cabinets to find the oregano or forget that you do have rice vinegar and don’t need to buy another one, yet again, from the store. You can buy them for $20 or less on Amazon or your local home supply store.

Use dividers

Make the most of your drawers through some simple organization. You can find dividers at your local Target or any store that sells home goods. You can even use a utensil divider for items like straws, napkins and other kitchen essentials. When you open your drawers, you’ll feel thankful that you can find what you’re looking for more easily.

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