Entertaining Kids at Home

When your family includes children, the additional space that you all will enjoy after buying a Starlight home opens the door to a wide variety of new options, especially when it comes to keeping your kids entertained. Purchasing a Starlight home means you can relax knowing that you’ve chosen a safe community, complete with amenities for your family to enjoy, as well as a home with a backyard, that will provide a canvas where your kids’ imagination can run wild.

Below are just a few ideas for games, crafts, and activities that will help you and your family create fun memories in your new home.

Backyard Camping

Does your family love being surrounded by the great outdoors? Try camping in your backyard with your kids. Pitch a tent, grab your sleeping bags, and enjoy gazing up at the stars and making s’mores only steps away from your home.  

Indoor Fort

If nature isn’t quite your thing, you can still enjoy quality family time and get the camping experience by building an indoor pillow fort.  All you need is a few pillows, sheets, and chairs and you’ve got an indoor hideaway for the kids where they can turn on a movie or read a book.

Sidewalk Chalk Art

Do you have budding artists in your family? Give them the creative freedom they desire by letting them create masterpieces out of sidewalk chalk in your driveway.  Whether they want to play hop-scotch or craft their pièce de résistance, sidewalk chalk and young imaginations go hand-in-hand.

Slip N Slide

There are endless hours of fun to be had during the hot summer days, thanks to a long plastic tarp and a little water. The Slip n Slide is classic warm weather entertainment for kids that will never get old and one that they can enjoy for as long as they want in your new home’s yard.

Indoor/Outdoor Obstacle Course

An obstacle course is a fun way to test the entire family’s creativity! Create your own unique and challenging course using household items (toys, containers, string, duct tape, etc…). Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, or even a combination of both, your kids will have a blast while getting a little exercise in as well.

There are endless memories waiting to be made at your new Starlight Home! Let us help you begin your journey today.     

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