5 Merry Ideas for Holiday Yard Decorations

‘Tis the season for buying gifts, cooking up feasts and participating in the age-old tradition of the outdoor holiday decorating bonanza. There’s no better way to enjoy holiday cheer than by taking a walk around your neighborhood to enjoy the homes lined with twinkling lights (and stake out the competition). 

As a Starlight Homes homeowner, the holidays are a special chance for you to add a festive flair to your doorstep and take advantage of your large lawn space.

Be sure to join the fun this season with these magical outdoor decoration ideas that will transform your yard into a winter wonderland and wow your family, friends and neighbors.


  1. Curate a Collection of Inflatables

    Being a homeowner during the holidays gives you the power to bring all your winter wonderland visions to life and since our homes feature front yards with room to spare, why not put it to good use? If you’re looking for a big and bold display this year, try rounding up a fun selection of inflatables for Kwanza, Hanukkah or Christmas. Come nighttime, your front lawn will be the center of all the ooo’s and ahh’s.
  2. Set the Scene with Snowless Snowmen Figurines

    The best part about being a homeowner is having the freedom to do what you want, when you want. So, if you’re not expecting a white Christmas this year, have no fear — the snowless snowmen are here. With a quick trip to the store and a wave of your magical wand aka credit card, you can defy nature and create your own snow scene right outside the front door by setting out light-up snowmen figurines that will make your lawn a picture of the North Pole.
  3. Make a Statement This Season

    Want to wish your neighborhood a happy Kwanzaa this season? You can be sure that everyone will get the message with these outdoor lawn letters. As a homeowner, you’ll be happy to hear that these celebratory decorations can be easily installed, adjusted as needed and are durable enough to withstand rain and snow on your front lawn.
  4. The Hanging Santa is Coming to Town

    Be the talk of the town by hanging this Santa decoration that makes it seem like he’s fallen off your roof while trying to deliver presents. While it might not seem like much, you’ll be surprised how many people you’ll catch smiling at your house, which helps many homeowners realize that owning a home isn’t just about living in a house — it’s about loving where you live.
  5. Get Creative with Projector Lights

    The hardest part about winter isn’t dealing with the cold — it’s convincing your family to leave the cozy warmth of your house to decorate. This year, try using an easy installation holiday light projector to bring some holiday magic to your front yard with minimal work. From falling snowflakes to candy-cane projections, this dynamic display will bring endless possibilities to celebrate the holidays without having to spend an endless amount of time outdoors setting it up. 


To help us all get a little more in the spirit of the season, we recently surprised two new homeowners with holiday decorations for their new house, just in time for the holidays. We hope this video brings you a few smiles and a little inspiration for decorating your own new home!



Interested in getting a new, move-in ready home to sugar and spice up this year? Get in touch with a Starlight representative today and schedule an appointment with one of our Home Guides to get started.

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