Hosting a Party in Your New Home

Imagine being able to plan a social gathering at your home without noise or close proximity being an issue.  Now that warm weather is upon us, Starlight homeowners can enjoy being able to entertain guests in a space that’s all their own. One of the many advantages of making the transition from renting to owning is that you’re able to host parties and social gatherings with less stress.

Chill Out With Your Grill Out

Summer is near, so break out the grill, invite some loved ones over, and throw a barbecue in your backyard! Apartment living makes grilling unnecessarily complicated, between rules about personal use or availability of the community grill, but as a homeowner throwing a barbeque for family and friends is as easy as setting a date and inviting them over.

Liven Up Your Block

The amenities that Starlight communities include are made for gathering neighbors together and there’s no better way to do that than with a block party. Whether you enlist a neighbor to help you plan it or decide to take the task on solo, the outcome is a tighter knit community and a few new friends for you and your family.

Get Potluck-y

For smaller, more intimate gatherings, invite a few friends over for a potluck. Everyone brings a dish, minimizing the amount of time the host needs to prepare, as well as costs, and everyone is free to enjoy themselves and all the delicious food. It also means an opportunity to use your all-new appliances make your own specialty dish and wow your guests.

Keep It Classic

The good old-fashioned house party will never go out of style and can be a fun alternative to a house warming party. Go all out with your decorations, invite guests over to see your new Starlight home, and dance the night away! If you want to take your party to the next level, choose a theme that will be reflected through decorations, music, and food, then ask your guests join-in and dress up!

Having more entertaining options and more chances to create memories with your loved ones are some of the many advantages that come with home ownership. Contact one of our home sales consultants and you could be in your new home, entertaining guests, before the summer ends.

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