How to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Spring is here! And as nature transforms, so should your home. Owning a Starlight home comes with many perks, including added space, both indoor and out, and the ability to personalize as you please. We came up with five easy ways to totally refresh your environment, prep for spring, and make your home really bloom.

Move winter items into clear plastic bins.

All those thick blankets, coats, and sweaters taking up room in your closet? Clear some space by moving them into clear plastic bins. They're more durable than cardboard boxes, and because you can see right through them, finding items again once they're in storage is much easier! Slide some under your bed or stack them in the garage to make spring cleaning simple.

Repurpose string lights from the holidays.

Still haven’t gotten around to taking down your string lights from the holidays? Don’t fret, just move them from the front of the house to the back! With warmer weather filling the air, make your outdoor spaces more inviting by stringing up some lights so you and your family can enjoy the changing seasons right from your own backyard!

Add plants.

Plants are a great touch to any space both indoor and out, and longer days mean more opportunities for new growth. Do your research to find which plants will work within your home and lifestyle depending on sun exposure and how often they need to be watered. And don’t forget the flowers! Nothing says spring, like flowers.

Change out air filters.

For all the positive things spring represents, there has to be at least one downside: allergy season.  That means, if there's pollen outside, your indoor air quality is all the more important. Take care of yourself and your home this year by changing out those air filters!

Start a new project.

We know there's that one room in your house you've been meaning to spruce up but just haven't gotten around to yet. Take this time to make it happen! Spring brings so much beauty and change to the outdoors, so why not bring that same effect in? Focus on one project to not overwhelm yourself, and marvel at the difference it will make to your entire home!


Every Starlight home features a garage and backyard for the homeowner's convenience and enjoyment. Get the most out of your spaces by following these steps and leave a comment below with your own springtime tips and tricks!

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