Spending The Holidays In Your New Home

The holidays are a time that most look forward to each year –it means spending quality with loved ones, taking a break from work, and eating great food! When you own a home, a new layer of excitement also comes with knowing that you can celebrate the holidays the way you want, with no restrictions.

Below are just a few ways that owning a Starlight Home can help bring more happiness and warmth to your holiday seasons:

Pick The Tree of Your Dreams

Lugging a tree through hallways or up several flights of stairs is a hassle that most apartment-renters know all too well, but when you own a house, what was once a frustrating event now becomes a simple walk from the driveway, through the front door, and into the living room. Also, since some apartment complexes don’t allow live Christmas trees, you and your family now have the freedom to choose whichever type of tree you’d like, be it real or fake.

Take Your Decorations Outdoors

Décor can expand to outdoors when you spend the holidays in your new home. Tablescapes and indoor decorations are always fun options, but when you own your home, they’re no longer your only options. String up lights, set out a life-sized Santa and reindeer, turn your yard into a haunted graveyard— whatever your heart desires. Express yourself in the comfort of your own space.

Bake Holiday Treats

Holiday treats are a major part of getting into the spirit of the season. The smell of cookies, cakes, and pies floating through your home can only stir up warm emotions. Use your new appliances to create holiday memories with your family, as you cook up tasty treats together in your kitchen.

Begin A New Tradition

Buying a new home presents perfect opportunity to begin a new tradition with your family. Perhaps it’s going together to pick out that real tree, or maybe it’s taking a holiday stroll in your Starlight community while sharing what you’re thankful for with one another. Regardless, make the time you’ll spend with the family during the holidays memorable by beginning a new tradition that everyone can look forward to for the years to come that you’ll spend in your home.

Holidays are joyful times filled with opportunities for happy memories to be made with your family in your new Starlight Home. Contact our Home Sales Consultants today and you could be in yours just in time for the holidays.

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