Two More Reasons to Make Bay Lake in Orlando Home

Our beautiful townhome neighborhood, Bay Lake is located in Orlando and is just a short distance away from two new, exciting developments. Let us tell you a little bit more about these destinations.

The Packing District, is located where a citrus production plant used to be and is being transformed into a reimagined living, dining and entertainment space in the City of Orlando. The Packing District will be stitched together by walking trails and welcome people of all ages to enjoy all that the space has to offer. The 202 acres of land will feature a YMCA Family Center, pavilion, regional park, food hall, juice stand, retail spaces, 4Roots farm and so much more. The project has broken ground and is tracking to be completed by the end of 2023. Check out their website to stay up to date.

The other new area that is breaking ground is The RoseArts District which will be in Rosemont along Lake Orlando and will bring new life to the area with a city center, green space, waterfront views, and a variety of dining, retail and entertainment options. Visit their website to learn more!

Both of these developments are a short distance away from our Bay Lake Preserve neighborhood, which makes it even more of a reason to make Bay Lake your new home today. Reach out to our New Home Guides to learn how we can help guide you home to.

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