10 Simple and Affordable Ways To Refresh Your Space

Despite what you may think, refreshing your home doesn’t have to mean embarking on an expensive remodel or spending money on expensive furniture pieces. Instead, adding simple updates to your home decor – like hanging new artwork, changing out bedding or finding a new rug — can easily breathe new life into your space.

If you want to renew your space on ideas that range from under $50 to a few hundred dollars, you’ll enjoy these easy home decor refresh ideas.

1. Swap Out Artwork

If you’re tired of looking at the same decor every day, try spicing it up with new art for your walls. Visit your local thrift store or find garage sales to search for fresh finds that won’t hurt your pocketbook. Whether you use several small pieces to create a gallery wall or highlight one large display, new art pieces can bring a whole new mood to any room.

2. Refresh Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books act as visual odes to your interests, style and inspirations. And those aspects often change with the season. Bring a new book to your table or rearrange your current collection in a different layout for new visual interest. You can diligently search through thrift stores or online marketplaces until you find ones that speak to you.

3. Try a New Paint Color

Adding a fresh coat of paint can have that instant room transformation you’re looking for without the work and cost of a total renovation. It can make a significant impact in changing the mood in your space and creating an environment that reflects who you are.

Pro tip: For smaller rooms, a lighter paint color can make your room feel bigger and airier.

4. Add New Curtains

Trade out your curtains for a different set. Whether they’re a new color or a simply a different texture, they can give your room an entirely new feel without much work. Sheer curtains will allow more light to shine into your home and help your home feel bigger, while darker, opaque curtains will make the room feel cozier and intimate.

5. Change Out Throw Pillows and Blankets

Rotating a few seasonal accent pieces, like throw pillows and blankets, can give couches and chairs a facelift without having to replace the entire furniture piece. The best part? It can make your space feel on-trend in seconds at an affordable price point and you can save your previous season decor to use again next year.

6. Replace Hardware

You’ll be amazed at how new cabinet hardware or doorknob can affect your overall aesthetic. You can add trendy brass knobs or mix-and-match metals for more visual intrigue. The possibilities are endless.

7. Change Out Bedding

Your bed is often the centerpiece of a bedroom, so switching out the comforter can have a huge effect on bringing new life to your design. From simple and classic bedding to playful patterned looks, this easy swap can make your room feel brand new.

8. Find a New Rug

Area rugs are one of the most important design decisions in a room and make a big aesthetic difference in your house. So, if you’re looking for a simple way to refresh your home, replacing your rug is a fast, easy and inexpensive way to make a meaningful difference.

9. Rearrange Your Layout

The easiest way to refresh your space might not even have to cost you money. Rearranging your furniture and decor in a new layout can bring a new flow to your home that will help you feel more inspired. Try moving your couch by the window, swapping furniture from room to room or trading out greenery from other spaces.

10. Build a Backyard Retreat

Don’t forget about updating your backyard space, too. Turn an empty backyard into your personal oasis with a backyard fire pit to enjoy cozy nights or a homegrown garden. You can try heading to the hardware store and gathering supplies to build a DIY fire pit or find plenty of affordable, pre-built options that don’t require as much assembly, like this fire pit from The Home Depot for $149.

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