7 Creative Ways To Put Your Bonus Room To Good Use

While most essential spaces in your home already have a designated use, a bonus room or flex space can be whatever you want it to be. But with so many possibilities, having this extra room can leave homeowners scratching their heads on how best to use it. Just remember, there’s no right or wrong answer when deciding how you want to design your bonus room — it’s all about your own personal priorities.

With some planning, you can transform your bonus room from a catchall storage space into a place for practicing hobbies, exercising, a work-from-home office and more. Here are seven inspiring ideas to take your bonus room to the next level.

1. Create a Craft Room

If you’re an avid or aspiring DIYer who likes to tackle some fun craft projects, the answer to your bonus room may be a craft room. With this dedicated space, you can keep your materials neat and easily accessible by adding shelves and organizers with a large table serving as your main crafting surface.

Add a stool or two, and you can get as creative as you want without worrying about your newest project getting knocked over in the main living space.

2. Build Your Own Gym

Forget driving to the gym if you have the space to make your own. By investing in a couple of your favorite workout machines, you won’t have to worry about paying that pesky monthly gym fee. If cardio is your thing, snag a treadmill or stationary bike. Working on your strength? Forgo a trip to the gym for your own dumbbells or a weight machine.

With a couple exercise mats for a cushy workout surface (that can double as floor protection), a fan and some music — the gym down the street will be a thing of the past.

Read more about how to create a home gym.

3. Design a Personal Home Office

Still working from the kitchen table or couch? Then it’s time for an upgrade. Transform your unused bonus room into a personal home office. You’ll finally be able to take meetings in private, brainstorm without interruption and have a place to separate your work life from your home life.

You’ll be surprised how productive you can be with a few simple things like a desk, an ergonomic chair and some peace and quiet.

4. Plan a Playroom for the Kids

Parents with little ones may get the best use out of a bonus room by turning it into a playroom to store toys out of sight from main living spaces and where the kids can play to their heart’s content.

Stock up on plenty of pillows for fort building and impromptu pillow fights, a kid-sized table with chairs for board games or tea parties and plenty of storage for all their favorite toys. Finish it off with a few whimsical touches to inspire plenty of made-up games.

5. Assemble a Library

If you’re a reading enthusiast who loves owning a physical collection of books, consider turning your bonus room into a small library. With a couple of shelves, a few lamps and plenty of comfy seating, you’ll have an oasis to catch up on your most recent thriller.

Not only will you have a quiet place to read and display your collection, but this flexible space can double as the perfect nook to study, work or enjoy a quiet cup of coffee.

6. Make a Guest Bedroom

Ensure overnight guests have a comfortable, private space in your bonus room turned guest room. Whether you’re hosting family for the holidays or a birthday sleepover, guests can enjoy their stay with a dedicated extra bedroom in the house or contain noisy sleepovers in one area.

If the space needs a more flexible function, homeowners can opt to use a sofa bed or futon and still use the room as an office or library.

7. Indulge in Extra Closet Space

Is your closet space dwindling? Treat yourself to the walk-in closet you’ve always dreamed of with the help of your bonus room. Depending on your budget, this transformation could range from adding a couple of shelves and clothing racks to wall-to-wall mirrors and a custom wardrobe construction.

Are you excited to start designing your own bonus room? Then get in touch with a Starlight representative today, schedule an appointment with one of our Home Guides, and start shopping for your own home to design.


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