Why You Should Buy A New Home In The New Year

Welcome to 2018! The new year is a time for a fresh start for many. It’s an opportunity to make better choices, do that thing you’ve been meaning to do, and progress to your next step in life. Something about the new year gives everyone a renewed sense of purpose and confidence—so why not take advantage of that to make a beneficial, life-changing decision like becoming a homeowner?

Purchasing a Starlight Home in the new year means that you and your family will have the opportunity to enjoy:

A New Neighborhood

Since we build communities, not just homes, your family can look forward to moving into a brand-new neighborhood when you buy a Starlight home. With amenities ranging from dog parks to community parks, pools, and gazebos, there are plenty of ways for you to not only create memories with your family, but with your new neighbors as well.

New Construction

Becoming a homeowner means that whatever house you purchase and move into will be new to you, but becoming a Starlight homeowner means that your home is actually brand new. You’ll be the first family to put your stamp on it. You can also relax knowing that, since our homes are new construction, they are built to current code and you won’t have to face the costly expenses of making repairs and updates like you would on an older home. Our homes also come with the additional peace of mind of a home warranty program.

Brand-New Appliances

Not only will you start off your new year in a beautiful new construction home, with great new neighbors, but you’ll also enjoy utilizing new appliances in an efficiently designed home. Our homes come with quality appliances from dependable companies, like Whirlpool, so you won’t have to worry about these added expenses upon moving in. Talk about having all the comforts of home!

Creating New Traditions

The most exciting part about buying a new home in the new year is all the new traditions and memories that are waiting to be made there. We do our part to build beautiful houses for our homeowners, but we know that it’s up to you and your family to really make it a home.

Make the decision to become a homeowner in 2018 and let Starlight Homes be your guide.



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